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AI & Data Strategy

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Wondering how to win in the age of intelligence? Kick-start your AI journey by developing a winning strategy with us!
We help you establish strong practices that set the stage for your AI and data transformation. With us, you will be ready to generate and leverage data optimally and yield actionable insights for your organization.

  • Strategic use-cases identification
  • ML best-practices
  • Data acquisition
  • Data augmentation
  • Data architecture
  • Data governance

Data Engineering

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AI initiatives cannot prosper without a solid foundation. In data science, this foundation is data engineering.

Our best-in-class engineers secure the groundwork for your AI initiatives through extensive data cleaning, wrangling, and pipe-lining. We build and consolidate your system architecture into state-of-the-art data lakes and ensure that the information you collect is useful, complete, and error-free.

Educational Workshops

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The first step towards transforming your business into a data-driven engine is to understand your strategic priorities. It is paramount to align each AI initiative to what truly matters for your business.
Through educational workshops and the use of important indicators, we work with your team to help them have a quick grasp on the potential of Machine Learning for your business as well as to identify use-cases that can generate the most value in your organisation.

We help you discover how AI can amplify your business by understanding your strategy, data environment and ongoing initiatives. From there, we will deep dive into the identified opportunities and support you in creating a detailed and prioritised AI maturity roadmap.

Tailored ML Solutions

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We provide you with cutting-edge tailored ML solutions to best meet your business needs: all the way from identification to implementation.

We realize that applying ML in business is a complex task and often involves many stakeholders. That’s why we are here. We assist you throughout your whole ML journey: from business case identification, over data engineering, model development up until the final IT stack integration and scaling.

We secure the groundwork for your AI initiatives by making sure your data is collected in an accurate and actionable manner. This will enable you to turn big data into robust systems that are ready to transform your business analytics.

AI Team Extensions

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Building AI capabilities is exciting, but finding the right talent is cumbersome. Whether you struggle with varying workloads, specific skill requirements, or the challenging mission of building data science teams from scratch, we can support you, both the short- and long-term, with our top-notch technical and business talent.

Through our AI Team Extension offering we enable you to scale your in-house team with our best-in-class talents resulting in maximum speed and agility as well as your internal knowledge build-up.

Our approach, with as few as one engineer collaborating part-time with your team, makes it simple and efficient for you to accelerate your project while staying in full control and minimizing all risks:

  1. Needs specification: tell us about your requirements
  2. Matchmaking: we find the best talent to fit your team's needs
  3. Kick off: get started and accelerate immediately
  4. Modify at any point: you stay in control and can flexibly adapt the resources needed, both in terms of skills and man days

ML Deployment & Operations

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In order for your business to reap the benefits of AI, all outputs of ML algorithms need to be incorporated into existing production workflows or services, becoming interactive applications that work with real-world and large-scale data. We address this challenge by combining best-in-class AI with DevOps practices to create continuous development and delivery of data and ML driven applications. Build your initiatives for production by letting us support you or fully handle the monitoring, validation, and governance of your Machine Learning models.

  • Continuous learning
  • Online learning
  • Automated model versioning, validation, and staging
  • System monitoring using an advanced evaluation store
  • Addition of feature stores to consolidate public information

Why our clients trust us

Cutting-edge Machine Learning

With our best-in-class engineers, we are the preferred ML provider for BN+ revenue companies.

Tailored end-to-end systems

From data engineering to model integration, Visium excels in Machine Learning Ops & system deployment.

Agility driven by strategy

A deep understanding of your strategic priorities allows us to deliver impactful systems, for you.

30+ happy customers

"In 2018, as we built our innovation capabilities, we decided to leverage the cross-collaboration synergies of our internal teams with external expertise. That is when we met Visium. Their extensive expertise in building AI capabilities and solutions made us establish a strategic partnership with them. The decision paid off significantly. Our bold investments with Visium in breakthrough AI innovations made what we once thought impossible part of our new norm. I am excited for what the future holds, as this is just the beginning of the journey."
Eric Saracchi, CIO
"If you are looking to truly enable Artificial Intelligence within your organization, you will be in perfect hands with Visium. With their flexibility, agility, and outstanding skills, they have successfully developed and put in production two major AI solutions for our operations. These now handle hundreds of daily requests in a perfectly flawless manner. Due to the outstanding results obtained and their engineers' quality of work, we are continuing our collaboration with a multitude of Machine Learning projects to be developed in the upcoming year."
Panagiotis Kostopoulos, CTO
“Visium conducted a one-day Machine Learning workshop for us in June 2019. Roughly 60 people from DSM participated in the workshop, which was tremendously helpful in supporting our internal Machine Learning journey and identifying use-cases leveraging the technology. The workshop also helped jump-start the execution of several Machine Learning solutions. Everyone in our team thoroughly enjoyed this professional workshop and found it to be extremely valuable in progressing their understanding of the topic.”
Maik Kindermann, Innovation Project Director
"To access product knowledge and serve our customers more efficiently, we decided to build an intelligent knowledge base - that's when we partner with Visium. Visium selected the right technology for our search algorithm and created a very user-friendly front-end application. This allowed us to achieve high accuracy in retrieving answers to customer questions. Visium's technical expertise, professional communication, and excellent project management made it a great pleasure to collaborate. With this tailored AI tool, we improved back-office productivity and better support our market organizations and partners around the world."
Team Lead of Global market suppoRT

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