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The challenges of merging life sciences and
computer science

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Talent scarcity

Less than 10,000 people in the world have the required AI expertise. Even fewer have the knowledge required to work in life sciences, making competition for those who can bridge both domains fierce.

To overcome this, leverage external partnerships and collaborations to outsource some of the skills, expertise and infrastructure required to bring your data science visions to life.

Methodological challenges

Keeping up with methodological changes of AI in life sciences applications is extremely difficult. Terabytes of data is generated and kept hidden due to strict regulatory standards and extremely competitive environments.

Make sure your AI teams are cross functional so that they are not hindered by traditional barriers between business units.

Clashing processes

The “black box”, agile nature of AI goes against the meticulous and deliberate processes of your laboratory that ensure the safety and health of patients  

Test algorithms in real use cases and tough challenges to over come this - don't take it slow and let others get ahead. Test early, test often, improve always. Ensure that all AI solutions your business adopts are transparent and explainable to remove the ''black box'' aspect of AI.

Technology-led transformation can be a difficult endeavor that tests entire organizations, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

That’s why, finding the right partner to support this transformation is pivotal. Visium empowers pharmaceutical clients to successfully adopt bold digital solutions at scale, so you can streamline operations, reduce long-term costs and serve your customers right.

Discover your true potential with Visium

Our innovative end-to-end ML solutions can help you do more with your data.

Make time for what really matters

Put your expert industry knowledge into an AI so that it can recognize specific patterns, such as detection of certain types of cellular deformations or compatible ingredients to generate chemical formulas.

Optimize drug manufacturing

Deploy customized end-to-end AI, not only to speed up your processes and cut costs, but also to preserve quality. We have helped clients increase monthly running time by 10% by predicting and preventing production line stoppages.

Master regulatory complexities

Don't overload your teams with documents. Let natural language processing analyze, understand and leverage documents in different languages.Save time and extract more insights with Machine Learning.

Solve tomorrow's problems, today.

Ready to discover what our customized end-to-end AI can do for your bottom line?

Boost your lab’s productivity with an Artificial Intelligence expert

Work smarter, not harder with Visium.

Don’t waste time and resources recruiting and training a data science team. Minimize risk without giving up control by leveraging one or more of our hand-picked specialists to bring your AI solutions to life.

  • Custom consultation with industry professionals
  • Engineering talent handpicked to match your AI requirements
  • Flexible workflow; additional resources as needed
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Turn industry insights into results with ML

We facilitate your digital transformation, by working closely with your team to provide seamless, end-to-end solutions.

You bring the pharmaceutical knowledge and we’ll bring the automation expertise – together we’ll develop custom Machine Learning assets that boost productivity and profits for your business.

  • Business case identification
  • Data engineering
  • Model development
  • Final IT stack integration
  • Scaling solutions & continued support
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Stress-free deployment designed to meet your needs

Discover what comprehensive end-to-end AI solutions can do for your life sciences business.

We combine innovative AI with best-in-class DevOps practices to ensure that your applications work with real-world, large-scale data. Build out your AI initiatives with expert precision today.

  • Continuous learning & support
  • Automated model versioning, validation, and staging
  • System monitoring and evaluation
  • Explainable, compliant AI
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Visium digest virtual exampleVisium digest virtual example

50% time saving pre-clinical trials.

Problem: Toxicology assessments create huge bottle necks in digital pathology. Experts analyze thousands of animal tissues for subtle lesions, which 60% of the time are not there.

A tool that uses advanced Computer Vision to discard healthy tissue slides, assign probabilities to areas of slides and provide interpretable heat-maps to prioritize lesion prone areas. Thus speeding the assessment process.

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