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From product assembly to post-sale customer service, Visium enables CPG players to leverage AI comprehensively, across departments to build better, smarter processes.
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Over 80% of AI projects fail, we make sure yours are part of the 20%.

AI solutions for the CPG industry are often approached in the wrong way. Executives focus on developing AI solutions for their business problems, without considering their technical infrastructure and data for the solution.

CPG companies that are winning at AI have focused on executing in three critical areas:

Developing the right talent base

Data engineering and data science talents are hard to find. Leverage established external expertise to bring your AI visions to life successfully, and transfer the required knowledge internally.

Ensuring an effective data strategy and governance

Data is the basis of AI. Define a cohesive data management strategy to ensure access to high quality, standardized data and ultimately the success of your AI initiatives.

Identify the right use case for your needs

Focus on practical use cases with solutions that are appropriate for your AI maturity and that will deliver the most value for your company.

Future-proof your data and digital platforms

Mitigate risk and maximize results with the AI experts at Visium today.

Access elite data engineers and scientists, without training or recruiting.

Building a qualified AI development team from scratch is difficult. But taking on a project without the right skills for the job is like flying with an untrained pilot.

Instead of recruiting and training an in-house team, tap into our network of experiences and skilled talent and launch your projects successfully today.

  • End-to-end AI, tailored to your needs
  • Handpicked engineers with manufacturing knowledge
  • Flexible workflow; additional resources as needed
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Leverage specialized end-to-end AI to enhance your business

It doesn’t matter whether you are optimizing your current strategy or working towards creating a brand-new solution, our team can help.

Make important real-time decisions with AI assets that maximize the value of your complex data sets.

  • Business case identification
  • Data engineering
  • Model development
  • Final IT stack integration
  • Scaling solutions & continued support
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Reap long-term benefits of your solutions with ML Ops

As your AI specialists, we go above and beyond to ensure that the solutions you receive are generating sustained long-term benefits for your organization.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end services include:

  • Continuous learning & support
  • Automated model versioning, validation, and staging
  • System monitoring and evaluation
  • Explainable, compliant AI
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Problem:  Lack of data-driven marketing and the inability to accurately forecast sales due to decentralized, incomplete and inaccurate data collection.

Solution: A ML model that extracts, unifies and cleans data regarding marketing tactics and their outcomes, to automatically forecast future revenues. Empowering sales and marketing teams to have a more data-driven approach and achieve sales targets more easily.

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