AI in the Chemical Industry

Visium works with international developers, manufacturers and distributors of organic chemicals to automate processes and redefine the way the industry thinks about complexity and scale.
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Uncover the real value of AI with accurate ROI calculations

Our experts have seen that enterprises struggle with calculating and proving a valuable business impact of AI applications.

While most existing AI projects focus on improving efficiencies in manufacturing processes, industry leaders should expand their objectives to include other areas, such as process control, chemical synthesis and analysis, waste minimization, mineral exploration, and chemometrics.

This is why your AI ROI calculations are wrong.

Insufficient measurable ROI assessment

Never start a project without a clear business challenge in mind that will move your ROI needle. Empower your team to define how much money you will save and make with your initiative.

Neglecting contributions to strategic ROI

It's all about the bottom line, but its really not. Any AI project should be tied not only to a short-term financial goal, but also to various long-term strategic values.

Downplaying adoption barriers.

Issues will come. Address them upfront instead of seeing them as barriers to start an AI initiative.


Innovation that gets results

"In 2018, as we built our innovation capabilities, we decided to leverage the cross-collaboration synergies of our internal teams with external expertise. That is when we met Visium. Their extensive expertise in building AI capabilities and solutions made us establish a strategic partnership with them. The decision paid off significantly. Our bold investments with Visium in breakthrough AI innovations made what we once thought impossible part of our new norm. I am excited for what the future holds, as this is just the beginning of the journey."
Eric, Saracchi, CIO

Leverage the full value that AI can bring to your business.

Compound analysis and synthesis

Leverage AI to explore chemical compounds like no human could.

Beyond increasing speed of processes, our models can automatically generate innovative chemical formulas, while remaining within product-specific constraints.

Empower and upskill your workforce

Deploy tailored end-to-end AI, to not only increase efficiency, but also ensure that your workforce focuses on important strategic processes.

One of our clients was able to increase monthly running times by 10% using our technology, while reallocating their workforce to focus on complex decision-making tasks.

Unlock the long-term benefits of AI

There’s a perception that AI is expensive. When leveraged properly, the costs are significantly off set by its long-term benefits.

Our advanced forecasting solutions have generated 16 M CHF savings per year, only six months after deployment.

Ready to embrace the future?

Discover what out customized end-to-end AI can do for your bottom line.

Don't put your AI visions on hold to find the right data-science talents.

AI deployment is easier when you augment your in-house team with highly skilled and experienced data scientists.

Instead of training a team from scratch or paying through the teeth for expert help, unlock the best of both worlds with Visium’s industry-leading staff augmentation solution.

  • End-to-end AI, tailored to your needs
  • Handpicked engineers with chemical industry knowledge
  • Flexible workflow; additional resources as needed
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Tap into tomorrow's competitive advantage, today.

The chemical industry is being disrupted. Don't let things move on without you.

Our cutting-edge end-to-end AI deployment solutions cover:

  • Business case identification
  • Data engineering and model development
  • Final IT stack integration
  • Scaling solutions & continued support
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Reap long-term benefits of your solutions with ML Ops

As your AI specialists, we go above and beyond to ensure that the solutions you receive are generating sustained long-term benefits for your organization.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end services include:

  • Continuous learning & support
  • Automated model versioning, validation, and staging
  • System monitoring and evaluation
  • Explainable, Compliant AI
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Visium digest virtual exampleVisium digest virtual example

View our work in action

Challenge: Improve and facilitate the long and complex processes of translating broad fragrance and flavor briefs from clients into chemical formulas.

Solution: A Machine Learning model that analyzes over 4,000 ingredients and historical data to create chemical formulas faster and more innovatively. The solution speeds up the time to market by up to 50%, enhances resource allocation, and product personalization.

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