Transformative AI solutions for the financial sector

Visium enables banks to enhance personalization without compromising productivity along their entire value chain. We facilitate workflows such as KYC and compliance checks, reviews of suspicious transactions, and first-level support.
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The financial sector is being disrupted. Are you keeping up?

If you’re not digitizing and innovating your services to elevate efficiency and customer service, you are getting left behind. Most industry leaders acknowledge this, but very few know how to leverage it.

Here are three misconceptions you should get straight:

AI is an efficiency driver

AI is not just an efficiency driver. These technologies can also can transform how companies operate, interact with, and serve, their customers, and it can substantially increase revenues.

Competitor AI fluency

Other banks don't use AI as extensively and successfully as you might think. The true value of investments made in AI applications is difficult to see through the noise made by the AI hype and media releases. Make sure you know the tried-and-true use cases.

Quick win AI

Don't focus on 'low-hanging fruit AI applications.' AI applications are no software solutions. AI can learn iteratively, be transparent, thus meeting compliance requirements, and should always serve to improve your AI maturity (learn more about it here).

Deploy complex Machine Learning systems by leveraging Visium's expertise.

Visium specializes in innovative Machine Learning solutions tailored to the finance industry. We help clients from both retail and commercial banking take on the unique challenges of today’s business environment.

Our advanced technology empowers you to do more with your data.

Ensure compliance

As one of the main areas of automation, your compliance department should already have steered towards AI adoption. Our solutions go beyond scanning through databases.

Protect your systems, data and clients with automated KYC and compliance procedures. Your clients will further benefits with faster on-boarding.

Personalize at scale

Increased availability of financial services has given more power to customers, who now demand superior, personalized services at a competitive cost.

Our solutions empower you to deliver on these expectations. Our engineers help you transform your customer experience with personalized sales, marketing and customer services.

Achieve efficiency

Redefine how your people operate with intelligent automation. Delegate labor intensive, and often error-prone tasks to cutting-edge technology to increase accuracy and efficiency, while up-skilling your people.

For example, AI-enabled fraud detection can reduce manual review by 90%, allowing your team to focus on the more complex 10%, and be deployed in higher-value areas.


Innovation that gets results

"If you are looking to truly enable Artificial Intelligence within your organization, you will be in perfect hands with Visium. With their flexibility, agility, and outstanding skills, they have successfully developed and put in production two major AI solutions for our operations. These now handle hundreds of daily requests in a perfectly flawless manner. Due to the outstanding results obtained and their engineers' quality of work, we are continuing our collaboration with a multitude of Machine Learning projects to be developed in the upcoming year."
Panagiotis Kostopoulos, CTO

21st-century problems require 21st-century solutions.

Discover what Visium can do for your bank’s bottom line today.

Augment your bank’s staff with Artificial Intelligence experts

Work smarter, not harder with Visium.

Don’t waste time and resources recruiting and training a data science team. Minimize risk without giving up control by leveraging one or more of our hand-picked specialists to bring your AI solutions to life.

  • Custom consultation with industry professionals
  • Engineering talent handpicked to match your AI requirements
  • Flexible workflow; additional resources as needed
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Unlock your full potential with Machine Learning

We facilitate your digital transformation, by working closely with your team to provide seamless, end-to-end solutions.

You bring the financial knowledge and we’ll bring the automation expertise. Together we’ll develop custom Machine Learning assets that boost productivity and profits for your business.

  • Business case identification
  • Data engineering
  • Model development
  • Final IT stack integration
  • Scaling solutions & continued support
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Stress-free deployment designed to meet your needs

Discover what comprehensive end-to-end AI solutions can do for your business.

We combine innovative AI with best-in-class DevOps practices to ensure that your applications work with real-world, large-scale data. Build your AI initiatives with expert precision today.

  • Continuous learning & support
  • Automated model versioning, validation, and staging
  • System monitoring and evaluation
  • Explainable, Compliant AI
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Visium digest virtual exampleVisium digest virtual example

View our work in action

Problem: Verifying transactional data is time consuming. Detecting fraud is often difficult and requires domain expertise.

Solution: A tool that automatically detects and flags potentially fraudulent transactions. The decision is based on (1) historical data and (2) a set of rules defined by internal teams.

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Machine Learning that moves the needle

If you aren’t delivering the best value to your customers, you are losing them.
Avoid that with Visium.

Access expert engineers

Make your journey towards cutting-edge Machine Learning easier with access to our pool of skilled engineers and specialists.

Save time and money

Machine Learning improves more than just your bank’s productivity. Optimized processes lead to boosted ROI and profit.

Attract new clients

Implementing cutting-edge AI makes your bank more attractive for customers and corporate partners.

High-end AI deployment has never been closer.

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